1. The brain reacts to emotional pain the same way it does to physical pain.
  2. Your perception of color depends on the background.
  3. 90% of people will fake laugh when they don’t understand what someone said to them.
  4. The people who give the best advice are usually the ones with the most problems.
  5. Placebo works even when you know it’s a placebo.
  6. Your most vivid memories are wrong.
  7. When crying happiness the first tear will come from the right eye, but if you’re crying from sadness it will fall from the left eye.
  8. If a friendship lasts longer than 7 years, psychologists say it will last a lifetime.
  9. While telling a lie, adding an embarrassing detail can make it more believable.
  10. Lonely people end up sharing the most personal information on social media platforms.


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